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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili Video Scandal

The pornograpic videos are being sold in the open market and been downloaded in a known porn site, has been popular video on youtube and been running around internet.

Katrina Halili file a complaint against Dr. Hayden Kho and who spread the video clips. She is accompanied by Senator Bong Revilla (who demanded the revocation of Kho's medical license in a privilege speech) and the Philippines Medical Association to help her achieve justice. National Bureau of Invistigation is now conducting some probe and summoned DR. Haydan Kho including Dr. Vicki Belo and other two friend to appear on NBI headquarters (May 22).


Dr. Hayden Kho statement (may 21) " I Choose not to make any statement regarding the controversy over pirate video recordings... I sincerely apologize for the harm was done to other parties. I own up to my responsibility as a professional and I have decided to suspend my practice of medicine. I have been undergoing professional counselling since December. At this satge, I realize I cannot expect understanding and forgiveness, I can only pray that this comes in due time."

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Emong Typhoon Emong's death toll in Pangasinan

Most of the fatalities were victims of drowning in Pangasinan and landslides in Ifugao.

Emong, which entered the Philippine area of responsibility on Wednesday from the South China Sea, slammed into Pangasinan province Thursday night with maximum center winds of 150 kilometers per hour.

It then swept northeastward overnight Thursday across the Cordillera mountain ranges, weakening gradually as it exited into the Philippines Sea via Cagayan province on Friday.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Francis Magalona's Strange Images

White Balloons formed Philippines Map, Francis M. Special Tribute at Eat Bulaga - March 11, 2009

Nakakakilabot , bumuo ng map ng pilipinas ung white ballon nung pinalipad.
Ang ating master rapper showing us something at pati sa likod nya ay mapa ng pilipinas yata ang nakatattoo.'s something about him being Makabayan. "Mga Kababayan ko" like this nationalistic song.
Francis your memories will always be remembered, may you rest in peace.

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Francis Magalona finally laid to his resting place at 11:30 am on March 11 at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.

The mass held at the Christ The King Church in Green Meadows where Francis’s widow Pia Arroyo Magalona and their eight children—Unna, Nicolo, Francis Jr., Isabella, Elmo, Arkin, Clara,actress Maxene Magalona and other family members , close friends and co-workers from his noontime show paid their final tribute.

The remains of the singer-actor were cremated at the Funeraria Paz.
Francis’s ashes had been placed in a metal urn, which was in turn placed inside a glass chamber. After being blessed with holy water, the urn was taken out as Pia and the children bid their final farewell. As his children Francis Jr. and Elmo raised the urn, people, mostly fans of the King of Pinoy Rap, honored Francis with a standing ovation for the rich musical legacy he left behind. Francis’s songs were played as the burial rites were conducted. Finally, his ashes were laid beside the graves of his parents, screen icons Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Francis Magalona's Family Interview

Francis Magalona's Wake Live from Christ The King Green Meadows.

Magalona's battle with the illness was made public last year.
– a father of eight. Master Rapper Francis Magalona, 44, passed away Friday.

An exclusive Startalk interview about the last few days with francis M's Family. His wife, Pia Magalona and 4 of their 8 kids, Francis, Jr, Maxene, Saab and Elmo.
Children promise to take care of the family specially the mother.
"We will miss you Francis M.... May you Rest in Peace"

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Francis M The Tribute

Francis Magalona (October 4, 1964 - March 6, 2009), also known as FrancisM, Master Rapper, and The Man From Manila, was a prominent Filipino rapper, songwriter, producer, actor, director, and photographer.

By: Marcolucfero

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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Buzz Tough Ten question to Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo May Paghanga kay John Llyd Cruz

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Filipina served at Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday

Filipina served at Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday lunch June 22, 2006 Updated 08:06pm

GUESS who was at the 80th birthday lunch of Queen Elizabeth II last week? Apart from royalty and other dignitaries, a Filipina met with the British monarch for the second time. She is Lady Aurea Taguiang.

The native of Malasiqui, Pangasinan, Taguiang is the lead waitress at Mansion House, official residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London. She served the Queen once before, when the British visited Mansion House in 1999, according to information from the British embassy in Manila. Last May, when Lord Mayor David Brewer visited the country, he told reporters that Taguiang would again have the honor to serve the Queen during her birthday lunch on June 15.

Taguiang and her husband Alfonso earned the titles Sir and Lady in 1998. They were granted the honor of becoming Freemen of the City of London by act of the Lord Mayor and the Court of Common Council in one of the oldest surviving traditional ceremonies still in existence today; the first one is believed to have been presented in 1237.
According to the British embassy, the medieval term "freeman" means someone who was not the property of a feudal lord, but enjoyed privileges such as the right to earn money and own land. Town dwellers protected by the charter of their town or city were often free. The titles came 12 years after Taguiang earned a post in the prestigious Mansion House in 1986; there, she has become a favorite of Lord Mayors. As lead waitress at Mansion House, she has served Lord Mayors of London and their guests for 20 years, during which she has waited upon international leaders such as Nelson Mandela, King Hussein of Jordan, and our very own President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She has also served notable Britons Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, and Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown.

According to an article from the British embassy, last week's event stands out as extraordinary for the Filipina. "It is my greatest honor to serve the Queen. It had been my dream as a child," she said, recalling singing rhymes about the Queen as a young girl.

Taguiang is a senior member of the Mansion House wait staff. "The key to my success is my loyalty and my dedication to the job," she says of her 20 years on the job. Like many Filipinos, Taguiang and her husband went abroad to look for greener pastures. In 1975, they moved to England and entered the catering industry in the hope of providing better education for their six children. According to information provided by the embassy, the couple made the difficult decision to temporarily leave their children in the Philippines, including the youngest, who was only 11 months old at the time. When they gained solid financial footing, the Taguiangs eventually brought their four youngest children to England; the two oldest are pursuing careers in the Philippines and Canada.

Though her job involves long hours and difficult labor, Taguiang says she thoroughly enjoys her work. "After working for some time, it becomes a pleasure; it becomes a passion to serve," she says.

Taguiang considers herself a loyal subject of the Queen, but she has never forgotten her native land. In her spare time, Taguiang organizes tours for Filipinos visiting England. Her husband Alfonso is a lifetime member of the Order of the Knights of Dr. Jose Rizal.

In this capacity, Sir and Lady Taguiang continue to honor the Philippines with their charitable work.


Thier Story

The couple who went abroad seeking employment.They struggle for a better life took them more than ten years.

It was year 1975, when Aurea and husband Alfonso Taguiang, from Pangasinan province, ventured to far-away England to seek greener pasteur, in the hope that they could send money back home and help their six children get good education. The husband and wife team went away, leaving all of their six children, including their youngest, which was only eleven years old at that time, in the care of their nearest of kin. It was some sort of an adventure since overseas job were not so much advertised then, unlike today. They were not sure what kind of life they could be getting into. So, away they went.

By the stroke of luck, and a destiny that is pre-arranged by someone greater than us, Aurea was able to land a job at the prestigious Mansion House--the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London. The year was 1986, and a greater luck came upon her when she was promoted Head Waiter or Head Waitress (whatever) at the Mansion House.

Meanwhile, at this juncture, their economic foundation is now solid, and they decided to send for their four younger children to come to London, to live with them. Leaving their older two children to fend for themselves since they already have stable jobs and may marry anytime.

At the height of her career, another stroke of destiny enveloped her when she was conferred Ladyship--a symbol of a respected lady of quality, and with it, a title was added to her name, and is now known as Lady Aurea.

The greatest luck and another stroke of destiny dawned on her, when she was chosen to serve Queen Elizabeth II on her 80th birthday, which was held at the Mansion House. It was the greatest joy of her life--to be able to serve the Queen, in her official and personal capacity. How wonderful it is to come so close to the Queen, more so, to serve her.

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